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Clients want a return on investment when they hire a speaker. They want their goals to become our goals. So, we often ask, “What would it look like if we hit a home run for you?”

Here’s what they tell us: “Grab our attention. Speak our language, know our issues. Challenge our thinking. Feed our imagination. Then, give us a reason to change, a way to change and tools to change.”

This is what we do. We work with each client to generate a return on improved performance.

What does your home run look like? We want to know.

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We combine 32 years of working with some of the world’s best leaders with a faith-based approach to helping smart, forward-thinking people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

People come to us for one of four reasons:

to become more daring leaders,
to build more courageous cultures,
to frame and deliver a compelling message and,
to live a more deeply connected, profoundly meaningful and adventurous life.

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Come with us behind the scenes to learn how really cool companies become stand out players through people, performance, profits and purpose.

Our books profile gutsy, go-for-it leaders, iconic companies and cause driven brands.

The pages are loaded with strategies, housed in entertaining stories and written with suggestions to implement as your own.

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