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Let’s Do It!

Life and Work are Blurred

So we write at the intersection of Epic Work and Epic Life

epic work and epic life are two sides of the same coin

Here’s how we see it:

2 blogs because

life and work are blurred. So, we write at the intersection of epic work and epic life.

Epic Work Insights

How’s work?

Is your job filling your pocket? Epic work fills your soul.

Who you are is how you lead. Could you benefit from being braver?

Courageous leaders have tough conversations, share feedback, hold one another accountable and do work that matters. Courage creates engaging, adaptable and innovative cultures. Our bi-weekly insights help you become more courageous at work and in life.

Epic Life Insights

How’s life working for you?

Is your life filling your schedule. Epic life fills your spirit. 

Are you living on autopilot? Would you like to have more LIFE in life?

While we are allergic to legalism, religiosity and the divisiveness of dogma, here you’ll find intimate conversations about life, faith, relationships and community all grounded in God’s relentless affection for you.