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Every other week we share open-hearted and disarmingly-unfiltered insights about 


doing epic work | living epic lives 

epic work and epic life are two sides of the same coin

Here’s how we see it:

Our personal lives

don’t automatically shut off when we walk into work and our professional lives don’t disappear when we go home. We might think we can compartmentalize, but the fact is, the boundaries are blurred.

Think of it like a mobile

hanging from the ceiling, if you “push or pull on” one part of your life it affects the others. This is why our coaching is not compartmentalized either. We are passionate about helping our clients do epic work and live epic lives.

2 blogs, 2 sides of the same coin

Life and work are blurred. So, we write at the intersection of epic work and epic life.

Epic Work Blog

How’s work? Do you get that uncontrollable grin when you describe how you love what you do?

A job fills your pocket. Epic work fills your soul.

Who you are is how you lead. Our posts help clients lead fearless, courageous cultures–cultures in which people dare to have tough conversations, share feedback, hold one another accountable and do work that matters. We beleve that this is how organizations become engaging, adaptable and perpetually innovative.

Blog Posts

Epic Life Blog

How’s life? Is your story a compelling read? Would it hold our attention….or is it just okay?

Business fills your schedule. Epic life fills your spirit. 

“Mediocre” is about living on autopilot. But it’s not epic and it’s really not okay. Here you’ll find intimate conversations about life, faith, relationships, and community. While we explore God’s relentless affection, we are allergic to legalism, religiosity and the divisiveness of dogma. So, you won’t get any of that here.

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