An unforgettable collaboration between two inspiring storytellers.



Kevin & Jackie!

we have extraordinary clients

Here’s what they’re saying.

“this will be the highlight of our convention–having them back for the third time.”

Premier Financial Services (PFA) is one of the fastest-growing and most successful distribution channels of insurance agents in the nation. PFA’s chairman, David Carroll, did what he has never done before. He invited Jackie and Kevin to address 1600 agents at their bi-annual conference and then, welcomed the Freibergs back for seven more conventions.

Jackie and Kevin have equipped PFA’s agents to stand out in a sea of sameness by leveraging their unique, one-of-a-kind products to change people’s lives. Given that many of these agents are husband and wife teams, the Freibergs have also “opened the kimono” to share what’s worked and what hasn’t worked in their own business and marriage.

What Makes Us Different