What Clients Are Saying About Kevin

“It was remarkable how he tied things together!

BMC Software is one of the largest and most successful makers of mainframe computer applications in the world. BMC’s global salesforce is making a huge shift.

Here, Michael Beavers, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Customer Success discusses Kevin’s heavily researched and highly customized approach as the keynote for BMC’s global Kick-off Meeting.

“Your presentation really made a positive impact on our Practice, so much that we have established a Task Force around “Innovation” as our folks are really thirsty for this type of action.”

“Kevin, really listened to all our executives’ input and tailored his content.

The message was right on target.

This event got RAVE reviews! Even from our physicians, who are normally hard to please.”

“it’s as if he became a true insider!

Kevin delivered 10 highly customized presentations to over 3,300 Humana employees responsible for delivering “Perfect Service” in their own departments. Humana’s level of customer advocacy increased as a result of this entire program.

“He has a unique way of showing you how great you can be.

When fire strikes you have three minutes to evacuate before loss of life and property is a real threat. Kevin helped Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers define their business as a cause and turn the company into a movement.

President and CEO, Clark Gey, talks about here.

“Thank you very much for the tremendous impact you had on our leaders at QVC.

We were impressed with your knowledge of QVC and how you had tied that into your presentation.”


“Our team was totally impressed with the amount of diligence that Kevin spent getting ready for our meeting.

Bill Miller, President of ZSolution Optimization at BMC Software talks about the rigorous preparation Kevin did to connect with BMC’s global salesforce and how he got them excited about doing something different.

“Kevin was the ideal fit. He did his homework, involved the audience and personalized the L’Oreal story.

He was amazing—interesting, personal and interactive.”

Over and over our executives referenced points that you had made.

Your presentation was hands-down the favorite.”

“he studied our company…a great storyteller”

Kevin worked with Kampgrounds of America CEO, Jim Rogers, of Undercover Boss fame, to craft a tailor-made keynote for KOA’s franchisees. Kevin’s research included visiting several KOA campgrounds to truly understand their business.