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Jackie’s Keynote Topics

Courageous Leadership

What should the future of leadership look like? We need courageous leaders who are able to swiftly navigate the uncertainties ahead. Courage is a Leadership Superpower, it is a skill that can be trained and observed and it is a skill that allows all other skills to flourish. Developing courageous leaders will enhance performance, accountability, alignment, retention and engagement. You’ll leave this keynote with practical skills and strategies for becoming more courageous.

Audience Takeaways

  • What it takes to grow self-awareness

  • What it takes to engage in tough conversations

  • What it takes to hold yourself & others accountable

  • What it takes to coach/mentor with clarity

  • What it takes to develop resilience

  • What it takes to build courageous teams

Innovation: It’s Everyone’s Job

What if everyone in your organization had the courage to bring ideas to life? This presentation offers strategies for embracing our “human only qualities” to unlock innovation and enable all people to learn, collaborate, ideate, and dare to try! You’ll leave this keynote with practical skills and strategies for unlocking innovation.

Audience Takeaways

  • Strategies to notice what really matters

  • Strategies to question the unquestionable

  • Strategies to embrace technology but don’t become it

  • Strategies to create a “dare to try” culture

  • Strategies to advance AS ONE

Change: Do Something Now

The future is hard to navigate, every organization is experiencing on going change and uncertainty. People need to stop moaning and start doing. A disruption proof, time-tested path forward is to double down on up skilling and re-skilling people. This presentation offers strategies for helping people drive, own, and be the change you want to see in your organization or industry.

Audience Takeaways

  • Strategies for leading with courage

  • Strategies for developing a curious mindset

  • Strategies to stop the moaning and move

Unforgettable Service: Own it, Personalize it, Elevate it

Are you interested in taking your organization’s service to the next level, to truly stand out in a sea of sameness? Simply meeting customer expectations is NOT enough. To truly stand out, every individual within your organization needs to take ownership of service and create a personalized and unforgettable experience for the customer. Not because they’re told to, because they want to! In this keynote, Jackie challenges everyone to rethink their work and personalize their contributions to create a stand out service experience. You’ll leave this keynote with practical skills and strategies to implement immediately.

Audience Takeaways

  • Define your work as a CAUSE

  • Create employees & customers for life

  • Stop pushing & pitching… Start enriching

  • Develop your service SIGNATURE

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We have extraordinary clients

Here’s what they’re saying.


“I wasn’t looking for a fly-by consultant”

National Life Group’s (NLG) chairman and CEO, Mehran Assadi, wanted to borrow from Southwest Airlines’ unique culture and contacted Jackie for help. In multiple presentations, seminars and coaching assignments over six years, Jackie has helped NLG become an extraordinary magnet for world-class talent–a culture where people want to work and choose to stay. During this “culture” journey NLG has become one of the fastest-growing and most profitable insurance companies in the nation.

After several years into this partnership, Jackie and Kevin decided that NLG was worthy of its own story, told in their book, CAUSE: A Business Strategy for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness.

Dare to Lead™

Audience Take-aways

Success belongs to daring leaders who build courageous cultures. Teams will learn and take away the 4 skill sets required for choosing Courage over Comfort and becoming a Daring Leader.

Courageous Cultures…if you want a future you must have one.
Lead with courage….shed the armor and own the tough issues.
Rumble w/uncertainty and risk of exposure–vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation.
Live your values…learn how to operationalize and measure what matters.
Grow Trust incrementally…discover the big and little “things” that impact everything.

Leadership Drives Engagement & Culture

Audience Take-aways

Timeless leadership strategies for creating a best place where the best people can do their best work to make your business better. Jackie will show leaders how to model, serve and engage.

Model – improve the organization by improving yourself, then by your example, draw others up.
Serve – show up to who and what matters.
Engage – asking, listening, mentoring and redirecting paves the way for ownership.

Innovation: It’s Everyone’s Job

Audience Take-aways

Change is a constant so leading and owning change is a requirement for ongoing success. This presentation offers strategies for driving, owning, and being the change you want to see in your organization or industry. Jackie challenges everyone to stop moaning and start doing.

Notice how to see beyond the blur of work-as-usual to discover the opportunities to innovate within your sphere of influence.
Lead others to question the unquestionable, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and challenge limitations and assumptions.
Disrupt the status quo, collaborate to find new and innovative solutions, change the things that don’t seem right.

Change: Do Something Now

Audience Take-aways

Change is a constant so leading and owning change is a requirement for ongoing success. This presentation offers strategies for driving, owning, and being the change you want to see in your organization or industry. Jackie challenges everyone to stop moaning and start doing.

See it… Notice what is holding you back–routine, white noise, frivolous distractions?
Enable it… Ideate solutions and “what if” ideas to life.
Do it… Be the change, reach across functional boundaries, collaborate and engage others..

Grow ROI: Through People, Performance, Profit & Purpose

Audience Take-aways

Forward thinking insights and strategies for what it takes to attract and keep great talent and earn loyal customers. In this keynote Jackie shares trends and data that prove the future belongs to businesses that are profitable AND improving society (businesses that are mission/cause/purpose driven).

Don’t Pitch, Enrich – A formula for attracting and gaining loyal employees and customer advocates for life.
• People work for a CAUSE – A corporate WHY rallies brand ambassadors
• Customers buy for a CAUSE – Social impact and giving back are priceless—it drives loyalty!

Lead like a Hall of Fame Coach!

Audience Take-aways

Are you a Hall of Fame coach in your industry? You can’t lead an unstoppable team, celebrate big wins or build a dynasty without raw talent, a strategic mindset and the heart of a champion. This limited experience is an opportunity to tap into the insights of a champion who speaks from a long career of tough losses and big wins. Discover….

• Strategies for Building Team Chemistry
• How Gutsy and Gifted Coaches Build Champion Mindsets
• The Value of Character and its Impact on Culture, Performance and Team Spirit

Delivered with Three-time World Champion, Bruce Bochy for limited engagements

BTW…You do NOT have to be a sports fan to learn from world champion athletes, this keynote borrows from our newest book, Bochy Ball The Chemistry of Winning and Losing in Baseball, Business and Life.

Lead Together…ToGetHer: Collaborate and Strengthen!

Audience Take-aways

Every business hires, sells and markets to women, how well do you know her? SHE is a $20 trillion economy, and SHE is multicultural, multigenerational and multi-dimensional. It’s time to stop competing and time to complement, strengthen and complete…Together.

This keynote offers surprising and insightful strategies on what it takes to earn her time, talent, attention, loyalty and wealth – Jackie will help you understand…

Who is SHE…
Where SHE wants to work…
Where SHE buys and…
Why SHE buys? Ignore HER and your business is doomed.