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The Freibergs are global thought leaders people turn to for keynotes on LEADERSHIP, CHANGE and INNOVATION.

leaders often fail for one of six reasons…

  • Lack of courage to embrace risk, exposure and uncertainty

  • Blurred self-awareness—low understanding of impact on others

  • Talk too much—question too little, listen to respond

  • Fail to hold themselves and others accountable

  • Unwilling or resistant to change

  • Ego and Arrogance—shortage of humility and curiosity

The consequences to your business can be devastating.

You can avoid these pitfalls.

  • Undeveloped potential—wasted talent

  • Disengaged culture—dead people working

  • Bureaucracy that chokes imagination/initiative

  • People held hostage by history

  • Products and services that don’t differentiate

  • Loyalty, engagement and retention challenges

How much are they costing you?

For more than 30 years,

we’ve been helping clients communicate with clarity and conviction, drive change, unlock innovation, and…

Lead with Courage

The Result?

Courageous leaders who know how to develop people, build kick-ass teams, tell stories that sell products, and 

drive business growth!

return on impact. return on improvement. return on investment.

Our experience by the numbers…


Engage Your Audience!

Four steps to a keynote that delivers a ROI: 

We come to you live in-person or virtual from our studio in Sundance, UT

Our keynotes are engaging, highly customized, multi-media experiences, loaded with actionable take-aways.

Why should you trust us with your audience?

Three reasons:

a keynote tailor-made with your goals, your language, your people in mind

client tell us they are floored by the extent to which we customize a talk.

But don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say:


Our experience is deep and broad.

Our numbers tell the story.


We get it.

Meetings are expensive and it’s hard to choose a speaker who delivers.

After 2500+ speeches we’ve learned, when you “host” & “own” a meeting you have three important expectations…

You Want a Speaker Who is:

shake up your next meeting with a keynote that equips leaders and customers  

You don’t build a business!

You Build People and People Build the Business.

Developing the potential in people is hard because people are messy.

Spreadsheets are not irrational, idiosyncratic or emotional. They don’t talk back to you or need to be inspired. People do!

Change is hard because change is messy.

It doesn’t follow a nice, neat linear line from point A to point B. There are false starts, organizational politics, and market shifts that can disrupt you. It invites chaos and confusion.

Innovation is hard because people and change are messy.

Yet, if you want to grow your business, you innovate or perish because someone, right now is building a product, process or business model designed to kick your butt. 

This is why you need courageous leaders who know how to draw the best out of others, who are willing to step through the fear of change and who have the right mindset to accelerate innovation.

But You Don’t Have to Do It Alone.

Jackie and Kevin’s Award-winning Books

Loaded with immediate take-aways, our books will give you the strategies to create strong, courageous leaders, who engage people, accelerate innovation, and build brands that stand out in a sea of sameness.

Want to shake up your next meeting with a keynote that delivers a ROI?

Epic Work Epic Life Blog

because work and life are blurred

An Invitation

Every other week we share unfiltered insights about doing epic work and living epic lives.

Companies across the globe have turned to us to raise up brave leaders. To build courageous cultures and accelerate innovation.

And, to pave the way for people to do EPIC work and live EPIC lives.

We will provide the strategies to get you there too.

“Many of us were unbelievably impressed by Kevin’s ability to include Dana’s products, terminology and culture into the presentation.

At one point, one of the attendees leaned over to ask me if we wrote his speech–it was that tailored!” 

No one tailors a talk like Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

Frankly, your world is too interesting and moving too fast for us to just roll in and do a shtick. Your audience deserves better!

So let’s collaborate to deliver a high octane, heavily researched and highly customized message that leaves your audience with an unforgettable experience.


This is not our first rodeo!

Trust your event to a team with a track record.

When you partner with us you’re getting more than 30 years of client insights, proven strategies, passionate stage presence and engaged audiences. Let’s make a splash together.


Daring Leaders are not afraid to rumble with:

  • Innovation, even when there are no guarantees,
  • Accountability, even when it is uncomfortable,
  • Trust, because it affects everything.

What if you could build a courageous culture where innovation, accountability, growth and trust are the norm not the exception? Here’s a place to start.


“What an inspiring speaker! I’ve been in healthcare management for over 30 years and have never been so moved to take action with my team as I am now. Thank you Jackie!” 

Jackie Williams
Clinical Practice Manager
American Academy of Opthamology

we will coach the ever lovin’ crap outta you

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Kick your businessculturebottom linecustomer serviceemployee retention into high gear.

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We’re different. Here’s why…

A lot of speakers talk about themselves. We want to talk about you.

A lot of speakers ask, few listen. We listen and invite you to say more.

A lot of speeches are canned. No one tailors a presentation like we do.

In a world where the kind of change, magnitude of change, and rate of change continues to accelerate

you can drive the train departing for the future or chase it.

This means you’ll have to confront some enemies.

We equip people to do brave work, and navigate  a world of change

We equip people to do work that matters, that
changes the world

With you, we….

With you, we:

  • Identify trends that will shape your future

  • Help leaders build courageous cultures and engage in disruptive thinking

  • Drive opportunity-led vs. crisis-driven change

  • Raise up leaders who drive growthaccelerate innovationdevelop potentiallove people

We help people
discover the insanely great life

We help people
discover the epic life

With you, we explore….

With you, we explore:

  • How to disengage a life on autopilot

  • What it means to be accepted, to truly belong

  • What it is to live loved and be fully alive

  • The role you play in an EPIC story

    loaded with profound meaningdeeper connectionsmore vitalityunearthly assurance