Invigorate, energize, and galvanize your audience with actionable insights and affirmations

Tailor-made virtual & in-person presentations

A lot of speakers talk about themselves. We’re interested in talking about you.

When you partner with us you’re getting more than 25 years of honed skills at reading clients’ concerns, sizing up their cultures and zeroing in on their objectives.

One size fits one.


Companies across the globe have turned to us to raise up brave leaders. To build courageous cultures and accelerate innovation.

And, to pave the way for people to do EPIC work and live EPIC lives.

We will provide the strategies to get you there too.

the power of two

As a husband and wife team, we’re able to approach each challenge with two unique points of view, and bring those insights together into one dynamic presentation.

You get two advisors with unique perspectives focused on your business, the diversity of a male/female voice, and a different, more dynamic audience experience to shake up your meeting.

We take a deep dive

With each engagement, we take the time to really dig in and learn about each client’s goals, aspirations, and challenges.

Then, we craft a unique presentation that vitalizes your audiences and implores them to take specific action.

Here’s our process

One Client. One Relationship. One Presentation at a Time.

Virtual keynotes

how do you continue to grow performance, engagement and connection in a virtual world?

Our presentations are robust multi-media experiences, loaded with stories and valuable take-aways. Each virtual keynote is designed to inspire you and your team to think and act differently.

One Message, Two Perspectives

Book Kevin and Jackie individually or as a powerful pair to deliver your message from two unique approaches.

Jackie Freiberg
Jackie brings an infectious energy and no-BS attitude to each of her presentations. As one of the top female keynote speakers on leadership and culture, Jackie delivers messages that truly stick with your audience. 

Kevin Freiberg
Kevin delivers hard-hitting messages with grace and gravitas. Speaking with a passion about innovation and change, Kevin delivers powerful insights that empower organizations to realize incredible transformation. 

Jackie & Kevin Together
When Kevin and Jackie come together on a presentation, you get the best of both worlds. Each topic can be explored from unique angles, delivering a keynote experience that a single speaker just isn’t able to provide. 

Our areas of expertise

Jackie and Kevin specialize in a variety of topics, both individually and together. See them in action across a wide variety of topics below.

What Our Clients Are Saying

50+ endorsements from around the world

Dr. Jackie Freiberg

Dr. Kevin Freiberg

The Freibergs Together

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