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Do you know any Dead People Working™?

It amazes us how many people laugh “uncomfortably” and swallow hard when we ask that question. Bottom line Dead People Working SUCK the life, passion and energy out of everyone they bump into. In contrast leaders choose to be alive at work, they choose to fuel passion, energy and enthusiasm.

What about you? What about your team? How can you take your life back when you’ve been right sized/downsized? Or when you’re one of the survivors and continually asked to do more with less? Again, as Mellencamp sings, “Your Life Is Now,” take personal responsibility for your success.

Live the 7 Choices in BOOM! Outloud:

Play BIG; Focus Forward; Be Accountable, Serve Others First (aka listen, notice), Play to Your Genius, MOVE, and Risk More.

Granted, living these choices out-loud may not fix global conflicts, land you the perfect job, or the promotion of a lifetime right away. But we do believe personal transformation proceeds business and global transformation. We’ve got to start somewhere, so why not use these choices as a launch pad toward greater leadership and accountability…more life?

First, download a complimentary BOOM! Manifesto summary . Second, make a commitment to living one choice big, bold and gutsy each month. Third, gut it out, it won’t be easy, living these choices is about holding yourself accountable to major behavior change. Your team, family and friends need YOU to be gutsy and play big. If you want to be a positive force for change the world needs you to go for it.