Are You Leading Like a Player?

Take a Stand and Engage

Jackie & Kevin Freiberg:

“On the new field, work and life are blended. We are all called to be players – players who actively engage in winning the game.”

It’s a daily blur – work and life have dramatically changed. We’re all up against operational issues, technical challenges and the ongoing requirement to stay relevant to our team and customers. There’s no more hiding in big meetings, waiting for direction from the boss or calling IT for a quick fix. We’re all fighting for survival in one way or another. These times are calling for everyone to show up, step up, speak up, lead and engage like a player. 

Here’s an excerpt on how to lead, engage and shape the culture of your organization from our book, BOOM, 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business-As-Usual:

“Leadership is about figuring out what motivates people, what scares them, and what inspires them. It’s about knowing who to tap for support and how to leverage their gifts, talents, and contacts. Leaders are players who jump into this process with both feet; they join the dialogue and shape the culture by shaping the content and character of the debate. Through open and authentic communication, players build trust and respect by letting people know where they stand. Players support, confront, listen, and persuade. They also compromise. In a straightforward way, they play a crucial role in deciding what the organization will become. Contrary to what many people think, the organization is as much the will of the people as it is the will of the CEO.

Players debate and communicate with optimism, hope, and goals for future growth. That’s what makes people come alive and become more connected, more accountable, and more involved. Players have influence because they give themselves permission to have an optimistic voice.

To get in the game, to be fully engaged, requires a point of view, a sense of conviction, the confidence that you have something valuable to offer, and a strong backbone. God has given you gifts and talents and a perspective that no one else has. Your willingness to engage makes the dialogue richer, more diverse, and more interesting.” 

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“This is just the book to help you wake up and take personal responsibility for your life and success at work.”

Ken Blanchard, Author, Speaker, Management Expert