These Time Trends Will Shock You!

Should you rethink how you spend your time? 

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters.

Amidst the meetings, deadlines, and obligations, our time becomes a precious commodity, often allocated to work and other commitments. However, the American Time Use Study revealed some eye-opening time use trends we should be aware of as we age. Consider the following:

  1. Between 20-60 years (the PRIME of our lives) we will spend the majority of our time with ….co-workers! Yep, the people we work with (NOT with family/friends). 
  2. Time with kids/family, and friends will continue to trend DOWNWARD as we age.
  3. Time spent with your life partner will trend UPWARD until death.
  4. And time alone will consistently increase with age.

Why does this matter? Well, the company you keep significantly influences your overall well-being and fulfillment in life. As the saying goes, you become the average of the five people you spend the majority of your time with. And be warned, the study suggests, you’ll spend the prime years of your life with people at work! So surround yourself with people who draw you up and avoid people who drag you down. 

Be intentional and find ways to work with people who energize, stretch, support and make you better! We’ve dedicated our careers to writing about and work with people who are courageous (people who are tough on standards and tender with people) and people who are fun!

A powerful way to ensure that your time is well-spent is by creating a Moai

A Mo•ai (mo,eye) is a circle of friends that forms to support each other socially, financially, spiritually and health-wise.  Moais offer emotional and moral support and the effect on people’s health and wellbeing has been remarkably positive.

Moai is a term derived from Okinawan culture, referring to a support group where you can show up as your authentic self and together you can test ideas, re-invent yourselves, celebrate highs, receive lifelines in the lulls, and get a push when you’re stuck.

This tradition is one reason why the people of Okinawa live to be healthy/well centenarians and why Okinawa is recognized as a Blue Zone.

At its core, a Moai is a community of like-minded individuals who share common goals and values.

Don’t fall prey to the time trends! Don’t allow your friendships to slowly phase out of your life. Don’t find yourself all alone, beat the time trends, stay connected! Be intentional, form a Moai. Invite 3-4 trusted and respected friends and commit to connecting and showing up for each other on a consistent basis.

A Moai will pave the way for a lifetime of deep and meaningful connection in a world where too many people are suffering from loneliness.

However, amidst our busy lives, it’s crucial not to overlook the most important relationship of all: the one with our life partner.

Contrary to popular belief, time spent with your significant other actually INCREASES as you age, while time with children, family, and friends tends to decrease.

This finding highlights the significance of choosing the right life partner—someone who enhances your life and brings out the best in you.

Maintaining a fulfilling and thriving marriage requires more than just finding the “right” person; it necessitates BEING the right person for each other. It involves continual growth, exploration, and rediscovery of one another. Check out our YouTube channel and gain a glimpse of couples who are doing just that.

Research suggests that couples who engage in novel activities and adventures together often experience renewed excitement and connection in their relationship.

Shared and novel experiences serve as reminders of why you fell in love in the first place and reignite the flame of passion and intimacy.

Prioritizing time with your partner is essential for nurturing healthy, fulfilling longterm relationships.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you to join us for a couples adventure retreat this summer—a perfect opportunity to disconnect from the distractions of daily life and reconnect with your partner while trying new things and having a blast.

Through meaningful conversations and adventures, you’ll have the chance to strengthen your bond, create lasting memories, and embark on a journey of growth and exploration together.

Upcoming retreat (space is limited, reserve your spot today) or email us directly.

July 25th – 29th, 2024

Are you ready to make a conscious effort to prioritize the time you spend with your life partner?

An adventure together is a novel & refreshing way to realign and re-imagine your lifetime “better” twogether.

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