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Join Jackie and Kevin Freiberg for a weekend in the Wasatch Mountains for an experiential couples retreat to grow your friendship, deepen your love and rise stronger AS ONE.

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Your Weekend Hosts & Facilitators:

Drs. Jackie and Kevin Freiberg

We are not marriage and family therapists. In fact, we have spent our entire careers writing books about, speaking to and advising business leaders. We are entrepreneurs and partners who have been working, writing, speaking and raising children together for more than 34 years.

Like many of our friends, we can honestly say, we are wiser about love and more in love than we were way back then. But we haven’t arrived. So, we’d like to share some of that hard-fought wisdom with you and learn from you while enjoying a kick-ass time on the mountain we’ve come to love—a place we consider our sacred space. Come join us!

A time to ReflectRefreshRe-ImagineResurge

During the weekend you’ll have enriching opportunities to REFLECT, REFRESH and RE-IMAGINE how you complement, strengthen and complete one another, and then, RESURGE into a happier, stronger, more vibrant relationship.

Based on the work of the Gottman Institute, the Freiberg’s hard-fought insight from 34 years of marriage and a Christlike understanding of love, this retreat will invite you to engage in a lifetime of discovering and rediscovering each other.

Dig Deep and Play Hard

Our facilitation/discussion will take place at the Freiberg’s home, located five minutes above Sundance Resort.

Each morning we will dig deep and unpack two of the six conversations. Then, you will engage in some of the most exciting adventure activities the mountain has to offer. Here’s what you can expect…

Six Crucial Conversations

What if you could come to a romantic setting and dig deep into some conversations you and your partner haven’t had for a long time…or maybe never had?

Every great love story is a never-ending conversation. It’s two people who are still curious about each other–who aren’t done discovering each other.

At the retreat, we will tee up the importance of these six conversations and then, give you a 6-month plan for using them to love and appreciate each other more deeply.

Sundance Zip Tour

Get ready to soar over 2100 feet of vertical drop at Sundance UT. The Sundance Zip Tour is recognized as one of the most exciting and scenic zip tours in the world and one of the highest and longest zip lines in the United States.

After a 3-2-1 count down, you’ll launch and ride side-by-side on the zip line’s double cables.

While fully in control of your own speed, you can go full throttle at speeds of 65 miles per hour or you can stop mid-line to take in the breathtaking vistas. The experience is exhilarating. The takeaways are priceless.

Scenic Chairlift Ride & Lunch

You and your partner will hop on two different lifts, sit back, relax and enjoy the colorful, panoramic views as you ascend to the top of Sundance Mountain. There, you will have a casual, yet epic lunch at Bearclaw cabin.

While enjoying refreshments, tacos, burritos, or a heaping plate of nachos you’ll feel like you are on top of the world as you take in the spectacular 360-degree views of Heber and Utah Valleys.

Your adventure continues by riding the lifts back to the base of the mountain for more breathtaking views of the Wasatch mountain range.

Scenic Mountain Vistas


Summers at Sundance never disappoint so grab your partner, set your pace, and have your camera ready as you make your way through scenic trails, mountain forests and open meadows.

You’ll gear up and head out for a three-mile out-and-back hike to Stewart Falls, one of Sundance’s most popular hikes and one of the most scenic and photogenic waterfalls in northern Utah. The Falls are over 200 feet high and spill over in two tiers.

The brave at heart always slip under the falls for an epic refresh and recharge!


For this afternoon’s adventure you’ll strap on a pair of snowshoes and within minutes, find yourselves in the middle of a peaceful, yet majestic “nowhere.”

Together, you’ll explore parts of a dedicated trail system winding through oak, aspen, and conifer trees. Whether the snow is falling or the sun shining, the place will give you a fun, mysterious, hide-n-seek kind of feel.

Known for views of Mount Timpanogos and the stunning Stewart Falls in the distance, the snowshoe and cross country trails open up to some of the most beautiful scenery the mountains have to offer.

Wasatch Mountain Adventures


As the saying goes, play together to stay together. And since Utah is celebrated for its recreation and adventure, this is your chance to play hard on dusty trails as you navigate the Wasatch and Uinta National Forests.

Get ready for an afternoon of high adventure. You’ll saddle up, side-by-side, in a two seater and roar through the backcountry taking in scenic vistas, crossing river beds and climbing hills on ATVs.

If you are new to ATVs, you’ll be amazed at where these machines can go.


As the saying goes, play together to stay together. And since Utah is celebrated for its recreation and adventure, this is your chance to play hard on wintery trails in a snowmobilers paradise.

Get ready for an afternoon of high adventure in the Wasatch and Uinta National Forests. You’ll saddle up together, or side-by-side on your own sleds, and roar through the backcountry taking in scenic vistas you can only get to by snowmobile. Let’s make some memories in the mountains!

Action Sports


For this afternoon’s adventure you’ll strap on a life jacket and hop in a tandem kayak. Together you’ll float the mild rapids and paddle your way down the Provo River. Known as one of the iconic fly fishing rivers in the west, the Provo in the Fall is spectacular!

Kayaking the Provo River is a refreshing and rejuvenating way to take in Provo canyon and float above what is considered to be some of the best trout fishing in Utah.


Sundance isn’t one of the largest resorts in the country, but it is certainly one of the most memorable. In its Readers’ Choice Awards, the worlds best traveled readers weighed in, in record numbers (600,000) on Conde Nast Traveler and named Sundance Mountain Resort as the “#1 Ski Resort in the U.S. and Canada.”

A well-kept secret with 450 acres of skiable terrain, Sundance is free of crowds and has something for everyone—easy beginner runs, cruiser groomers, and steep, technical runs—bumps and no bumps. And, for those who love to hunt for those hidden staches on deep days, Sundance has plenty of Utah’s coveted dry, untracked powder.

Six Enriching Conversations

Making your marriage or relationship a true source of joy requires intention and attention. Think about it, if your marriage or relationship is on auto-pilot, it’s also in atrophy.

On the mountain, you’ll be invited to “dial up” your curiosity and never stop exploring one another by unpacking six specific conversations:

  1. More trust—deeper commitment
  2. Tools for managing conflict
  3. Sex and intimacy—what’s normal?
  4. Impact of work and money
  5. Adventure—power of playing together
  6. Spirituality–falling in love, together, with the One who first loves you

At the conclusion you receive a six-month guide for making these conversations an ongoing part of growing and enriching your relationship.

Making It Stick

As a take away, each couple will receive a play book for making these conversations an ongoing part of growing and enriching your relationship. The playbook will be your guide for digging into each of the six conversations, each week, one month at a time, for six months.

The goal: To stay curious and never stop exploring one another.

We believe that if you do the work, and engage in the discussions/exercises each week, your relationship will become stronger, more resilient, and more intimate.

After the Weekend

We will check-in with each couple at the two, four, and six-month milestones to see how the conversations are going.

A Romantic Setting

Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains at the end of a gorgeous box canyon, Sundance, UT is an arts community with world-class recreation—a place where creativity thrives, discovery is abundant and growth is inevitable.

This one-of-a-kind venue has a way of arresting you with the majestic beauty of 12,000 ft. Mount Timpanogos and then consuming you with its natural charm and rustic elegance.

It is the perfect place for couples to reflect, refresh, re-imagine and begin a resurgence journey.

What This Is Not…

It’s not therapy, but it is therapeutic. While we are all broken at some level, it’s not for couples who are in serious trouble. And, this is not a quick-fix retreat or a one and done approach for living and loving more passionately.

This is an invitation to future-proof your marriage or relationship by engaging in conversations designed to prioritize your partnership, deepen your connection, and strengthen your desire for each other.

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Who Should Come

The engaged.
Couples deciding whether to commit to a future together.

The starters.
Couples who are newly married and want to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of success.

The seasoned.
Couples who have been together for years and want to deepen and strengthen an already-great relationship.

The stale.
Couples who have fallen into auto-pilot and want to rekindle something they’ve neglected. Couples who want to transform routine and neglect into passion and vitality.

Wherever you are in your relationship, you are not too early or too late. If you are seasoned and don’t want to go stale, or you’re just starting and want to become seasoned, this retreat is for you.


Day 1

Arrive & Settle In...

Day 2

Conversations 1 + 2, Zip Line Tours, & More

Day 3

Conversations 3 + 4, ATV/Snowmobile Adventures, & More

Day 4

Conversations 5 + 6, Kayaking/Skiing, & More

Day 5

Coffee & Heading Home...


The mountain suites at the resort offer a variety of choices, from a single studio bedroom to a 3 bedroom loft that can accommodate three couples. All of the rooms are very comfortably decorated with rustic elegance—and most are fully self-contained.

Or, you have the option of staying in one of several mountain homes just minutes from each other. Check with us first so we can steer you in the right direction.

Restaurants & Bar

We will enjoy meals in one of two award-winning restaurants at Sundance, the Tree Room and the Foundry Grill.

We will also hang out at a bar built in the late 1800’s. The world-famous Owl Bar, a place where you can easily re-imagine Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid planning their next heist.

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