How Are You Leading in This Crisis?

Focus Matters

Jackie & Kevin Freiberg

“Bottom line – your behaviors are contagious to everyone around you.”

A recent study reveals how many leaders are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.  Forbes contributor, Robert Glazer featured a recent study by peak-performance coach, Todd Herman that reveals 3 ways CEOs are responding to the uncertainty at large. And don’t be held back by titles, we can all learn something from this study.

The Fear Focused – this group is the most emotional, most concerned and most overwhelmed.

The Unfocused – this group is the one still uncertain about what to do, the most dismissive and still playing the wait and see game.

The Strategy Focused – this group is the most focused on growth and opportunity.

Bottom line, your behaviors are contagious to everyone around you. As we’ve noted in previous posts, fear is contagious and immobilizing. CALM and bounded optimism are superpowers and they’re contagious as well. If you’re calm, thoughtful, strategically focused and empathetic, you can make a difference.

This is a quick read on what to do and NOT to do to rise out of the uncertainty vs. drown in it.

What can you do?

Choose your words and actions carefully.

  • Be discerning with your news choices and limit your exposure to the continuous and repetitive output of negative and unhelpful information.
  • Focus forward on successes – look for them; they’re there.
  • Do Something Now – successful leaders pivot fast.
  • Take a hard look at your team to make sure you have the rowers you need and they’re in the right positions to row together.
  • Staying clam allows for measured responses. Fear clouds judgment and invites reactivity.