What We Want in Times of Crisis

4 Ways to Lead NOW

the american president (aaron sorkin)

“People want leadership and in the absence of it, they will crawl through the desert and drink the sand.”

We are living through unprecedented and extraordinary times. Everyone is impacted and most of us feel vulnerable as uncertainty looms and news changes hourly. In the course of adapting to working at home, for those of us lucky enough to do so, we’re also navigating child care, attending to elderly parents, managing health issues and stress. It’s during these times that we look to our leaders to provide guidance and even comfort. Leadership, particularly in times of crisis, is critical and something we should demand from leaders, institutions and from one another.

Amidst the turbulence, we can’t forget that we are all leaders. Listen as Jackie reminds us how to lead with compassion, stability, trust and hope.

What can you do?

Practice and commit to leading with:

  • compassion
  • calm
  • trust
  • hope

From our business to yours, our home to yours, stay connected, stay hopeful and know that we are thinking of you.