A Blueprint for Future-Proofing for You and Your Business

Win the talent war.

Time to get serious

Companies that are serious and committed to offering leadership and professional development will win the talent war and thrive despite the great resignation.

Look around, office footprints are shrinking, businesses are requiring fewer employees to work in-person. Yet according to experts and experienced professionals the events industry is struggling to keep pace with demand for event and conference space.

The question used to be, “will enough people attend?” The more timely question of today is, “Where is there space for hosting an in-person event?”

There is a growing need for leaders to embrace change and lead with courage, empathy and curiosity.

Why the need? Consider the signs of the times…

How long has it been since you have future proofed yourself? Since you have engaged in some really helpful and transformative professional and personal development?

The post-pandemic workforce

There has been a massive shift in workplace values post-pandemic. People value net freedom over net worth and everyone is itching for growth and training opportunities.

There is an unprecedented willingness of people to simply quit and it’s keeping leaders awake at night.

Businesses can’t find talent to meet their pent-up demand.

Most return-to-office plans have been written, rewritten, delayed, shelved, and in some cases shredded. Work-from-home requirements from employers have turned into work-from-home expectations from employees.

Employees—particularly younger ones—increasingly expect the freedom to choose when and how they work.

People are tender and tired. Yet they have been resilient and they need to be reminded of the power of courage and resilience in navigating the ongoing changes that lie ahead.

According to Gallup, the number 1 reason people change jobs is for career growth opportunities.

The superpower skill for thriving in the future is COURAGE

So, you want to future proof yourself and your business?

It’s time to double down on up skilling. There is no better time than now to invest in yourself and your team.

Courageous leadership skills allow you to harness one of the most reliable, time-tested performance drivers; the ability to enable, engage and involve others. Courageous leaders develop themselves and invest in growing talent and increasing their team’s performance.

Leaders who prioritize team engagement and up skilling themselves and their people are able to inspire higher levels of performance during times of disruption, uncertainty and change. The superpower skill for thriving in the future is COURAGE.

Courageous leaders make it hard for employees to be poached. And new hires are far more likely to stay when they are welcomed and onboarded by engaged teams.

Thus the growing uptick in events designed to bring people together in-person and equip them with skills for embracing change and leading with courage, empathy and curiosity.

Back in business

We’ve been back to keynotingcoaching, leading workshops and facilitating retreats live at in-person events since October 2021.

The thrivers, the associations and businesses that are imparting leadership skills in their teams have ranged from pallet logistics, business aviation, proposal management, professional services, tax and accounting, fire sprinkler industry, real estate development, copper mining, cosmetics, skincare, home decor & improvement, financial services to public service, first responders, healthcare and higher education.

Build a culture of COURAGE

These are the trail blazers, they are leaders who are willing to invest in themselves and their teams to build courageous cultures where people at all levels embrace risk, uncertainty and change to advance their business and their cause.

Avoid the great resignation, build trust and loyalty by investing in people and they will advance the cause and the company.