Better Together

all inclusive corporate retreats for small teams in sundance

Become daring leaders during your corporate retreat

The future belongs to daring leaders who build courageous cultures. Courage is about daring to step into uncertainty, risk and exposure of some kind, and that will inevitably make people feel uncomfortable. This is why it’s best to work with a certified Dare to Lead facilitator to guide your team’s discussions and lead activities for rising strong together.

Courage is a virtue, a superpower for doing good and having greater impact. Start the journey for you and your team with us, today.


Companies are desperate for better leaders. Our corporate retreats will equip your team with strategies for practicing daring leadership and building more courageous cultures where people do their best work.


What if everyone had the courage to bring ideas to life? We’ll challenge your team to rethink limitations, press through the messy middle and lead with a curious mindset to spark innovations and be the change.


Every company wants to build unstoppable teams. In this team retreat, you’ll learn strategies for being coachable, leading like a coach, building team chemistry and performing like champions… together.

Each company retreat is planned and built around your team’s specific needs and schedule. Reach out to plan a date and get started.


drs. jackie & kevin freiberg

We’ve spent our entire careers writing books about, speaking to and advising business leaders. We are entrepreneurs and partners who have been working, writing, speaking, coaching and raising children together for more than 35 years.

At this point in our careers we’re exploring, learning and growing in healthy and inspiring ways. If you’re ready to create an extraordinary and life changing experience for your team, join us in the majesty of the mountains.

We’ll challenge you to dig deep on tough stuff and we’ll lead you on some kick-ass adventuring in a place we consider our sacred space.

Come join us for a company retreat unlike all others.

A high adventure retreat will help you and your team:

  • Re-imagine the meaning in your work;
  • Re-engage and focus forward together;
  • Rethink the value of your contributions;
  • Grow the team’s chemistry;
  • Experience the power of collective genius;
  • Pave the way for greater accountability;
  • Set a path for ongoing growth;
  • Stage the stage for achieving more together;
  • Give everyone a compelling reason to stay.
  • Create a counter-offense to the Great Resignation.

Give people an extraordinary experience and guess what? They will re-tell and re-live the experience with their friends, family and co-workers. When you are planning your next mid-year meeting or off-site, try doing something different — something memorable — to differentiate your employees’ experience. Give your people something to brag about.



During our retreat, you'll experience the best the mountain has to offer, including ziplines, chairlift rides, hiking or snowshoeing, ATVs or snowmobiles, skiing, and kayaking.


Who Should Come

Our retreats aren't for everyone. But if you have a team of 6 - 20 that can benefit from digging deep, focusing forward, playing hard and breaking bread together, we can serve you.


A One-Of-A Kind Location

Sundance Resort has a way of arresting you with the majestic beauty of 12,000 ft. Mount Timpanogos and then consuming you with its natural charm and rustic elegance.

Company Retreats designed by us... Just for You

Our adventure retreats are customized and tailored to create the perfect balance between work hard/play hard. We design the days so you can REFLECT, REFRESH and RE-IMAGINE how you’re showing up and then, RESURGE more focused, intentional and accountable to the goals established during the retreat.


Resurgence through adventure

Sundance – Good for your soul

Exposing vulnerability

Took Us Deeper As a Team

Still Not Convinced?

Consider the cost of not keeping your employees engaged and energized:

  • Companies with a highly engaged workforce experience an annual 19.2% growth in operating income.
  • Engaged companies grow profits 3x faster than their competitors.
  • Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization.

Come join us for a company retreat unlike all others.