2024 Reset for Success: Part Two

10 more things to add in 2024

Continue your reset with 10 more transformative goals for your new year!

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Let’s bid farewell to old habits and welcome the new to navigate life more intentionally in the upcoming months.

Join us on this journey of self-improvement and personal fulfillment with 10 more transformative habits!


Instead of rushing through pain, pause.

– Brené  Brown

1. pause.

Engage in the “power” of the pause instead of rushing through your pain. Stuffing or rushing through pain hinders growth and healing. God values relationships and enjoys being WITH you, especially in your pain. When you reach your limits, invite the Spirit to comfort and strengthen you—it’s a powerful process. A pause allows the pain to move through you and provides clarity and freedom. Pain trapped will define and deplete you. Pain released has the power to refine you.

2. embrace experiences.

Un-stufficate, dependency on things/stuff brings added expenses, maintenance, and an endless quest for more. Advertising preys on the notion of inadequacy, promising fulfillment through purchases—it’s a deceitful and addictive cycle. Material things are fleeting and offer a temporary pleasure. Collecting more stuff will not fill your inner voids. Replace your desire for stuff with experiences and relationships. Instead of pressing purchase, invest in relationships and build memories and meaning to fill your voids.


The things you own

end up owning you.

– Chuck Palahniuk

3. embrace the suck.

A big life requires stepping out of comfort into uncomfortable situations. Dare to do hard things… Live courageously, love deeply, risk more, and take on challenges. When faced with hardships, avoid procrastinating and embrace the suck, dive in and move dirt! Remind yourself you’ve overcome hardships in the past, make a commitment to remember “better.” When you overcome challenges your confidence increases. Engage in a 30 day challenge: Everyday dare to face uncertainty, take a risk, love more deeply, lean into the awkward and uncomfortable and each day monitor how you feel and what you accomplished.

Our bet… You’ll gain confidence and grow your impact!


Accept failure. Enjoy it, even. Embrace the Suck for the suck is part of the process.

Aj Jacobs

4. set boundaries.

Endlessly consuming negative news heightens anxiety and disturbs sleep. It leads to fear, irritation, and paralysis. News outlets thrive on fear and sensationalism. Remember, current events won’t last indefinitely. Don’t sacrifice your peace for unwarranted and uninvited opinions. Set boundaries and be intentional about what you consume and with whom you spend your time. What you consume and the company you keep has the power to drag you down or draw you up. Learn to filter out the toxic distractions and only filter in what is constructive and enriching.

5. be curious.

Being right is highly over rated, it challenges relationships and wastes time. It’s about control, but control is illusory. Being wrong doesn’t diminish your worth or identity; it offers space for curiosity, growth and greater self-awareness and it reveals your humanity. Replace being right and being a know-it-all with being open-minded and curious to the core. Lean in by asking more, seeking to understand, and adjusting as needed. And why not explore working with an advisor/coach to help you grow your self-awareness, re-wire your path forward and increase your impact personally and professionally.

6. move dirt.

Perfectionism hinders your creativity and blocks you from sharing your gifts with the world. Your worth isn’t based on completing tasks flawlessly. Embrace imperfection, move dirt, stop overthinking and dare to express and share your creative ideas. Executing a good plan is better than aiming for perfection and never getting started.

7. move on.

Don’t let the past control you. Obsessing over past mistakes hinders today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s joy. Comfort in the familiar limits growth. Dwelling on the past or relying on old habits leads to stagnation. Replace complacency with a willingness to move on, explore opportunities and try new things. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new adventures ahead.


The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.


8. prioritize you.

Make yourself a priority, block time for what you need more of in your life. Your diet, sleep, exercise, and overall well-being impact your energy. Nurture your spiritual health and self-identity. Make self-care and relationships a priority and avoid dismissing your own health and self-care due to ‘no” time. It doesn’t have to be a 60-minute sweat fest,  15-minutes is better than nothing at all.

9. get outside.

The fresh air and real light are priceless when it comes to physical and mental strength Avoid all day inside, get out and breath in the fresh air. Even a brief outdoor walk or bike ride brings revitalization, energy and refresh. Experience nature’s beauty—a sunrise, a mountain view, or your neighbor’s garden—to  awaken your senses and reset your spirit. Step outside, be present, and appreciate the simple things around you.

10. rethink control.

Don’t stress over what’s beyond your control! In 2024 let’s drop the illusion of control and be alive and fully present in life realtime. Despite our efforts to control the future, the outcome remains unpredictable because it hasn’t yet unfolded! Instead, give presence to what is before you and avoid getting on any unnecessary emotional roller coasters. The future will be less threatening and far more exciting if we anticipate it with a child-like spirit of curiosity, a courageous mindset and a desire for adventure.

Go for it, embrace it and be all in!

Expect disappointments, plan for hope disappointed, lean into your mistakes, and also…

cherish moments, laugh freely, love unconditionally, forgive often and extend grace generously. 

Embrace the present, spread joy. And live big, bold and bravely.

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