Courage is a leadership superpower, it is the one quality that guarantees all others.


90mins – 3hrs


Increase retention and performance. Up-skill people & teams with skills for developing courage, engaging in tough conversations, gaining team alignment, and growing resilience, empathy and trust.


6-12 month certification


Courage coaching is designed to test your limits and build your Dare to Lead™ skills. You will engage in a personalized journey for learning and living the 4 Dare to Lead™ courage building skills.


26hr certification


Leaders who successfully complete the full 26-hours of courage training will become Dare to Lead™ Trained and then certified to train the 4 courage skills throughout their organization.


Courage and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. You cannot be courageous with being vulnerable and there is no vulnerability without courage.

Yet, no one wants to be vulnerable and almost everyone wants to be more courageous and more resilient.

The GOOD news, courage is a skill that can be trained, measured and observed. And like any skill, courage-building requires serious practice.

Courage training and coaching is designed to teach the skills, practices and tools that underpin the four skill sets for growing resilience, doing brave work, engaging in tough conversations, being accountable and building a courageous culture.

why are we qualified?

Dr. Jackie Freiberg is an international bestselling author of  9 books,

For over 28 years she’s been speaking, coaching and consulting on courageous leadership, engagement and change.

Jackie is a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator (CDTLF), trained directly by Brené Brown on the four courage skills:

  • Daring Leadership & Courageous Cultures
  • Living & Practicing Your Values
  • Building & Braving Trust
  • Advancing with Resilience & Rising Strong
When 150 global leaders were asked, “What should the future of leadership look like?” They answered, “We need braver leaders.”

4 Dare to Lead Skill Sets

delivered in workshops, on-on-one coaching & training

Becoming a daring leader involves learning how to practice and align the 4 Courage-Building skills. All four skills are teachable, measurable and observable:

  • Your call to courage
  • Leadership and self-awareness
  • Courage and vulnerability
  • Empathy and emotional literacy
  • Stripping the armor and shields
  • Embracing the suck
  • Curiosity, grounded confidence & rumble skills
  • Qualities of courageous teams
  • Values Clarification
  • Identifying your core values
  • Practicing vs professing values
  • Behaviors, supportive and slippery
  • Boundaries, feedback and support
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Grace and generosity
  • Operationalize, name, describe… live’m
  • Connections and engagement
  • Trust as an action
  • Earning vs. demanding
  • Trust inventory
  • Clear is kind
  • Asking for help
  • Commitment, time and consistency
  • Marble metaphor
  • Rising Strong
  • Gritty faith and gritty facts
  • Reckoning with emotions, triggers and hooks
  • Wired for story
  • Rumbling through the SFD
  • Rewriting the narrative
  • Rewiring behaviors
  • Revolution, remembering better
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three options for becoming more courageous

90mins – 3hrs

Company Workshops

Dare To Lead™ customized workshops

Learn how to develop the 4 skills for leading with courage

Create individual action plans for leading with courage

One-on-one coaching

Dare To Lead™ Trained certification

6-12 month certification

1-on-1 Coaching

Dare To Lead™ Courage Coaching

Develop the 4 skills for leading with courage

Create an action plan for leading with courage

One-on-one coaching

Dare To Lead™ Trained & Certified

26hr certification

Trained & Certified

A “train the trainer” workshop

Develop the 4 skills for leading with courage

Create a plan for building a courageous team

Team coaching workshops

Dare To Lead™ Trained & Certified

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This is your chance to become a courageous leader and learn how to:

  • develop the potential in yourself,
  • draw the best out of others,
  • live your values,
  • grow resilience and trust, and
  • navigate the future with grit & gravitas
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