Lead with Courage

Keynotes, Workshops & Coaching to Improve Your Influence & Impact.

The rules of work keep changing.

The future is uncertain.

any of this sound familiar?

  • In a critical business meeting no one dares to stand up and call out the elephant in the room,

  • A team that caused a small mistake fails to own it so it becomes a big, costly problem.

  • An SVP needs to have a crucial, yet uncomfortable conversation with a customer, and keeps putting it off,

  • A supervisor, surrounded by competent, results-driven people won’t let go of control and micro-manages,

  • You have a pioneering idea but your fear of uncertainty, risk and exposure is holding you back.

what’s the problem?

A lack courage.

When there is a failure of nerve, there is also a failure in leadership.

When asked, “What should the future of leadership look like?” 150 global leaders said:

“we need braver leaders!”

The Good news… there is a clear, time-tested path forward.

brave leaders can be trained.

Three Options for Becoming More Courageous:

60 mins – 3 hrs

Keynotes & Workshops

Increase retention and performance. Up-skill people & teams with skills for developing courage, engaging in tough conversations, gaining team alignment, and growing resilience, empathy and trust.

6-12 months

Coaching & Masterminds

Courage coaching and masterminds are designed to test your limits and build your Dare to Lead™ skills. You will engage in a personalized journey for learning and living the 4 courageous superpowers.

24 hr training

Training workshops

When you successfully complete 24-hours of courage training you become Dare to Lead™ Trained and you’re “trained” to cascade the 4 courage skills throughout your organization.

Create a culture where people do brave work and engage in work that matters!

Meet Your Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

Dr. Jackie Freiberg

Speaker  | World-wide Bestselling Author  | Advisor

For over 28 years Jackie has been equipping business leaders with straightforward, pragmatic strategies for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and exercising the courage to develop that potential.

Dr. Freiberg is an author of 9 books on people and companies who dare to lead in a world defined by scarcity, fear and uncertainty.

These leaders remain curious, ask provocative questions, listen to learn, and engage in the kind of challenging conversations that lead to doing brave work–work that matters!

And, they are changing te world! 

Courage is a leadership superpower because it is the one quality that guarantees all others!

Imagine building a culture where people have the courage to:

move the company in bold new directions,

dare to get out on the fringe where breakthroughs are discovered,

where people hold themselves and others accountable,

where trailblazers dare to re-think the old rules and smart people eliminate dumb processes that limit potential,

where people have tough conversations with empathy and civility,

where leaders are tough minded AND tender hearted.


4 Dare to Lead Skill Sets that are teachable, measurable and observable.

delivered in workshops, on-on-one coaching and training

Becoming a daring leader…

involves learning how to practice and align the 4 Courage-Building skills. All four skills are teachable, measurable and observable:

  • Your call to courage
  • Leadership and self-awareness
  • Courage and vulnerability
  • Empathy and emotional literacy
  • Stripping the armor and shields
  • Embracing the suck
  • Curiosity, grounded confidence & rumble skills
  • Qualities of courageous teams
  • Values Clarification
  • Identifying your core values
  • Practicing vs professing values
  • Behaviors, supportive and slippery
  • Boundaries, feedback and support
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Grace and generosity
  • Operationalize, name, describe… live’m
  • Connections and engagement
  • Trust as an action
  • Earning vs. demanding
  • Trust inventory
  • Clear is kind
  • Asking for help
  • Commitment, time and consistency
  • Marble metaphor
  • Rising Strong
  • Gritty faith and gritty facts
  • Reckoning with emotions, triggers and hooks
  • Wired for story
  • Rumbling through the SFD
  • Rewriting the narrative
  • Rewiring behaviors
  • Revolution, remembering better

Reach out today

This is your chance to become a courageous leader and learn how to:

  • develop the potential in yourself,
  • draw the best out of others,
  • live your values,
  • grow resilience and trust, and
  • navigate the future with grit & gravitas
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