2024 Reset for Success: Part One

10 things to add in 2024

Start the new year with a fresh perspective and a commitment to personal transformation!


Where you’re headed matters more than where you’ve been.

– Mel Robbins

Your aspirations shape your attitude, confidence, and the life you create. It’s time to embrace the present and steer towards a brighter future. And you don’t have to navigate this journey alone.

Let’s bid farewell to old habits and welcome 10 new transformative habits (or select the top 5 for maximum impact) to navigate life more intentionally and effortlessly in the upcoming months. Join us on this journey of self-improvement and empowerment!

1. be direct.

Be direct with your needs. Clarity avoids assumptions and guessing. In healthy relationships, speak openly about what you require. Be brave to ask for help and honest about what isn’t working. Communicate desired changes without criticism.

2. be picky.

Healthy relationships require mutual care, trust, and shared interest. Thriving connections involve genuine engagement, curiosity, and deep listening. Life blossoms within a close-knit circle of people who grow and evolve together.


Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

– Oprah Winfrey

3. embrace adventure.

Take risks, embrace adventure! Playing it safe shields you from extreme dangers, but also limits experiences. Choose courage over caution and put yourself out there!

4. live loved.

Self-criticism can lead to judging others. Stop doubting your worth and embrace God’s view of you: accepted, loved, forgiven, cherished.

5. know you’re worthy.

Avoid the emotional roller coaster of approval-seeking. Your worth is innate and unchangeable. Embrace your identity as unconditionally loved. True freedom lies in transcending others’ opinions and your own self-judgment. Embrace the innate qualities bestowed upon you and lead with strength and grace.

6. avoid drama.

Don’t waste emotional energy on insignificant issues. Steer clear of unnecessary drama and refrain from overthinking things that don’t hold much importance. Assess their real significance in the grand scheme of your life.

7. extend grace.

Holding grudges and seeking revenge is toxic. Carrying past hurts is like a heavy backpack full of rocks, weighing you down and hindering joy. Forgiveness and grace bring healing and freedom. “I forgive you” holds immense power for reclaiming your life and relationships.

8. appreciate more.

Avoid comparing your life and work to others. Social media often portrays an idealized version of reality. Behind closed doors, things aren’t as perfect as they seem. Comparisons steal joy, fostering self-doubt and depression. Remember, someone will always have or do more than you. Focus on contentment. As Sheryl Crow said, “Happiness is wanting what you have.”

9. take charge.

Don’t let life happen to you. Over this new year we recommend avoid these phrases:

“Everything happens for a reason.” “God has a plan.” “It is what it is.” “you come by it honestly.”

Instead of resigning to fate, take charge of your life.

Tragic events don’t always have reasons. God doesn’t cause harm but can bring good from it.

Don’t accept situations passively; seek growth and support others. Choose not to be a victim but an active participant in your life’s journey.

10. trust your “no”.

Stop over-explaining when saying “no.” If it’s a “no,” it stands. No need to defend or rationalize it. In healthy relationships, love doesn’t demand justification. Respect and kindness accompany truth. You’re not obliged to sacrifice yourself for others’ comfort. When pressured to explain, trust your “no” without feeling compelled to provide reasons. Embrace saying “no” with confidence.


Don’t fear death; fear living a life without meaning.

– Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

As you enter 2024…

Expect disappointments and heartaches! Trust will be broken and mistakes will be made. You’ll let others down and might hurt loved ones. Bad decisions may bring painful consequences. Time will feel fleeting, leading to regrets about missed moments.

So how do we move forward? Cherish memories, capture moments, embrace laughter, love freely, give generously, and live boldly. Don’t dwell on regrets, as time wasted won’t return.

Don’t fear death; fear living without purpose. If unhappy, seek change with God’s help. Life isn’t meant for later—it’s for now!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week.

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