5 Ways to Recharge YOU

Up-skill Yourself Personally and Professionally

Bill Watterson

“Shutting off the thought process is not rejuvenating; the mind is like a car battery – it recharges by running.”

Quarantine has drastically limited life as normal…

and with the recent uptick in COVID cases throughout the U.S., the weight of uncertainty remains heavy. And although it may be hard to distinguish, we are well into summer. So, if you, like many, have chosen to forego summer travel and engage in a stay-cation instead, now is the time to recharge and up-skill. Use this time to reflect, recharge and reconnect with yourself in five important life dimensions:

1. Professionally

Take a mental step away from work to assess your brand as a leader. Over the course of this pandemic have you been leading from heart, head or hurt? How have you been landing on people? Have you shared empathy, optimism and confidence or something to the contrary? What do people think and say about you when you leave a virtual meeting? Are you being all you need to be for your team, your colleagues, clients/customers? What do you want to change? Pick one skill you want to develop and one behavior you want to eliminate and get to work on holding yourself accountable to changing. And if you don’t know what to develop or eliminate take the Enneagram, it is a terrific assessment for growing self-awareness. Ian Morgan Cron is a site we recommend for learning more.

2. Personally

Read a book for fun, get organized, or clean something in your home that needs an overhaul. Watch a virtual concert or sporting event, or reconnect with family and friends through a virtual happy hour or safe distance gathering.

3. Physically

Get outside. Nike says it best, “Just do it!” The toughest part of any kind of physical activity is getting started but once you “do it” we guarantee you’ll feel recharged. Walk, run, swim, hike, bike or get out there and do that neglected yard work. Mask up and rediscover your favorite trails. With so many gyms closed or re-closing, get creative with an at-home workout or commit to a series of virtual workouts. They’re actually really fun and you’re doing them from the comfort of your own home, plus they’re less time consuming, yet just as beneficial.

4. Financially

Check out our Rising Out of Hard Times Survival Guide. We’ve got 15 steps to help you and your business rise strong. Make a commitment to review your budget and find at least 3 ways to cut your expenses. Either you manage your money or it manages you.

5. Spiritually

Stress in leads to stress out. Breathing life into your heart will clear your head of the clutter. Resilience is a muscle that requires flexing. In the midst of adversity, remind yourself you are stronger, braver and more resilient than you might believe. You have risen above adversity, failure and letdowns in the past and you can do it again. Don’t back down, don’t hide, don’t ride it out. Embrace the suck by stepping directly into the stress and anxiety. Fill your mind and spirit with hope and optimism. Remember optimism is a learned practice. It requires us to think of our circumstances and situation as specific and temporary, NOT permanent and pervasive. Remember this too shall pass; use this time to learn and grow vs. cower and hide. Remember garbage in stays in and wreaks havoc on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Buy a daily devotional to get started; it’s a settling way to focus and start your day. Follow us on Insta: EpicWorkEpicLife for some weekly perspective adjustments.

Taking the time to re-skill and recharge will allow you to proceed with intention and purpose.