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We arrived at Chicago, Midway and needed to catch a cab to a hotel near O’Hare. We jumped in and immediately thought, “mistake get out” It reeked of smoke, it was dirty, and the driver was unkempt and barely grunted a greeting. As he took off, I fumbled for 10-minutes trying to secure a seat belt that just wouldn’t stay connected. “Get out” is what you’re thinking.  Regretfully we didn’t but we did survive. On more than one occasion we had to swerve to avoid a near miss because the driver kept drifting.  He was more interested in munching on chips and twizzlers, searching for CD’s on the passenger’s side floor and responding to his cell phone than he was staying in his lane. When we arrived (thankfully unscathed) we asked if he took credit cards and he said, “I prefer cash.” We paid with a credit card, no tip.

This cab driver is a living vivid example of dead people working™.  His work (signature) was life threatening and he made it a disaster. Shame on him! He is an embarrassment to the profession.

The profession was redeemed! After our meeting we anxiously grabbed another cab to Chicago, O’Hare. An energetic woman greeted us ready to stow our bags and help us get in.  We asked, “Do you take credit cards?” She responded, “You bet, money’s money, I gladly take it all!”  We learned during our short ride that Mary, our driver, had driven a cab years ago when she was in college and recently lost her job so she is gratefully driving a cab again to stay off the streets and pay the rent.

We gave her cash, and a tip plus the tip we withheld from the earlier driver; we took her business card and will gladly give her business the next time we’re in Chicago.  Her work (signature) is life giving and Mary is conscious of making it a masterpiece.  Bravo to Mary, she is a refreshing ambassador of the profession.

We had a similar but different car experience while traveling with our family in San Jose (Cabo), Mexico. Upon arrival we were loaded into a “Grey Line” van and told we were the first drop. After a long and very warm two hours we were dropped at our hotel not first we were the last group to be dropped off.

Don’t use Grey Line in Cabo!  We discovered a car service that knows their work is their signature and service, promptness, and honesty all matter.  Instead of being pick-up by Grey Line at 9:30am to catch a 2:10pm flight (BTW the airport is 40-minutes away) we booked a private car ride for five with Private Luxury Travel Cabo.  They picked us up at 12:20pm and we arrived at 1:00pm a little tight, but we made it and we’d use them again in a heartbeat. Here is the link to Privateluxurytravelcabo.com and great service!

Work lesson:  Are you fully aware of your impact on people, every job serves another in some way, are you dedicated to creating an experience for those you serve or are you too busy just getting through the chips and twizzlers in your day?

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