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Become a Courageous Leader

  • Are you leading from hurt or leading from heart?

  • Are you capable of rumbling with vulnerability?

  • Are you living into your values?

  • Are you blowing trust or growing trust?

  • Are you managing the exception or leading the exceptional?

  • Are you controlled by comfort or choosing courage?

  • Is your culture armored or courageous?

  • Are you interested in leading, living and leaving a legacy…with no regrets?

Do you want to become a more Courageous Leader? The skills are teachable, measurable and observable.

We can help you and your team become courageous leaders. Daring leaders are skilled and practiced in leading from the heart, rumbling with vulnerability, living into your values, growing trust and building courageous cultures.

After stepping into the Arena with Brené Brown for three days and being trained, steeped and officially certified in the Dare To Lead™ courage-building curriculum, we’ve been transformed. And now we are among an exclusive group who are certified to train and coach others to learn, apply and practice these transformative courage-building skills.

If you or your team want to master the daring leadership skill set, we can facilitate and coach you through this journey.

What’s in it for you? Certification as “Dare to Lead™ Trained” plus personal and professional transformation.

You will learn, apply and practice the 4 teachable, measurable and observable skill sets required for choosing Courage over Comfort and becoming a Daring Leader. Upon completion, you will earn a Certificate and a Signature Seal certifying you as “Dare To Lead™ Trained.”

Reach out to explore engaging in this transformative coaching journey.


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