What Kills Passion?

The Cause of Dead People Working™


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Want to determine the cause of Dead People Working™?

The list below is a good place to start:

  1. Clutter kills passion.
  2. Bureaucratic complexity kills passion.
  3. Stupid systems that hinder smart people from doing great things kill passion.
  4. Unnecessary, boring, poorly run meetings kill passion.
  5. Backroom politics kills passion.
  6. Indecisiveness kills passion.
  7. Tribalism kills passion.
  8. Competing priorities kill passion.
  9. Stagnation kills passion.
  10. Cynicism kills passion.
  11. Victimization and self-pity kill passion.
  12. Lukewarm and halfway kill passion.
  13. Procrastination kills passion.
  14. Egomaniac, paternalistic autocrats kill passion.
  15. Poor design kills passion.
  16. Too many questions and not enough action kills passion.
  17. Planning to plan to plan kills passion.
  18. Mistrust kills passion.
  19. Alienation and isolation kill passion.
  20. Guilt, shame and fear kill passion.
  21. Mediocrity kills passion.
  22. No vision kills passion.

Any of These Passion Killers Apply to You?

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