What Can Football Teach Us About Love?

3 words… “I got you”

As the Super Bowl kicks off tomorrow, it’s not just about touchdowns and field goals. It’s a reminder of the power of teamwork, similar to the synergy found in a romantic relationship.

While “I love you” holds immense significance, we’re focusing on another trio: “I got you.” These words encapsulate the essence of chemistry and trust, whether on the football field or in matters of the heart.

Intimacy requires vulnerability, mirroring the kind of courage and “all in” spirit football players display on the field. When you show up with undistracted presence and completely open yourself up to someone, it’s an act of  bravery. “I got you” embodies confidence, commitment, and validation—three pillars of trust essential in both relationships and football.

In a relationship, “I got you” means:

  • Watching out for each other’s emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

  • Standing together through trials and triumphs, knowing you’re not alone.

  • Understanding each other deeply and consistently.

  • Advocating for each other’s dreams and aspirations.

“i got you” is a source of strength:

  • Including each other in every aspect of life, proudly.

  • Defending each other against doubters and detractors.

  • Reassuring each other through insecurity and uncertainty.

  • Being there, unwavering, through thick and thin.

“I got you” signifies love and support:

  • Strengthening the bond between partners.

  • Providing a sense of safety, trust, and security.

  • Cultivating peace, joy, and freedom in the relationship.

  • Upholding loyalty, respect, and commitment.

“I love you” is a statement. “I got you” is an action.

Words sound good, actions feel better.

This Valentine’s Day, invest in your relationship

Join us this summer for Twogether As One, an adventure couples retreat where you’ll explore ways to master the art of “I got you.”

Together you’ll learn the value of “I got you.” During the retreat you’ll explore six deeply meaningful conversations and together you’ll play hard in the majestic mountains of Sundance, UT.

Give the gift of a life-time and become better together!

February Relationship Challenge:

Try a 30-second kiss every day for 30 days.

Intimacy isn’t all about the touchdown! It’s about consistent gestures that show you care.

This isn’t just any kiss – it’s a standing-in-the-kitchen-at-the-end-of-a-long-day kiss—a kiss that’s qualitatively different. The 30-second Kiss Challenge will take time and determination, but that’s the point. A kiss will elevate your senses, ignite a spark and communicate how much you value one another.

Send this to your partner and commit to the challenge together!

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