Ski It Forward!

gaining confidence, breaking boundaries, living a bigger life.

“There is no growth without stepping outside the comfort zone.”

Ski It Forward!

This seminar is three days set in the spectacular surrounding of Sundance with people who will help you:

  • Establish a stable foundation for all conditions
  • Build confidence and tackle new terrain
  • Rediscover your love of skiing

Ski It Forward has grown out of Kevin and Jackie’s love of skiing and passion for self-discovery and personal growth.


…is such a great metaphor for growing personally and professionally because what you learn on the mountain can positively influence every other aspect of your life. For example, in a world of constant change and uncertainty who doesn’t deal with disruption?


…is an essential part of getting better in any sport. It’s also true in business and relationships. To break boundaries you have to “break” old ways of doing things, take risks, and get comfortable being UNcomfortable­­. This requires a growth vs. fixed mindset, stepping through fear and self-doubt, being coachable, and redefining what it means to fail.

3 Days

This 3-day program is a combination of indoor teaching/discussion sessions (morning and evening) and on-hill coaching with world-class instructors. It will challenge you to take your skiing and your life to new heights.

Physical Challenges

Ski It Forward will challenge you physically. Whether it’s embracing a new technique, skiing different conditions or expanding your limits on a more difficult run, when you step out of the comfort zone and triumph over that challenge there is a deep sense of accomplishment. Knowing that you stretched, that you reached higher and achieved more is addictive.

And, when you do it in one part of your life it gives you the confidence to do it elsewhere. It inspires you to start looking at other places in your life where you can elevate your game.

Mental Challenges

Like any sport, so much of skiing is mental, it’s about what voices you listen to and act on. Fear loses its grip on you when you confront it. But run from fear and it gains strength. If you push enough boundaries, skiing will put fear right out in the open, directly in your path where you can access it and practice dealing with it.

And the more you confront it, the better you will get at dealing with it.

Emotional Challenges

It’s almost impossible to innovate, change and grow without experimenting and you can’t experiment without making mistakes.

This is true in skiing. You have to put yourself out there. Experimenting and trying something new involves uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Skiing challenges you to deal with this by redefining mistakes as essential keys to success.


So what happens when you challenge yourself to be vulnerable in the company of like-minded others who are willing to do the same? You tell stories, you grow and you bond because together, you’ve faced some common challenges. You celebrate each other and create memories.

Join us with others who love being in the mountains and who want to be immersed in an exhilarating skiing experience.