Secrets to Innovation

…and the Myths Behind Them

Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

What would it look like if your culture became an incubator for new ideas?

If you want to drive innovation in your business, you need to create a culture where everyone dares to try new things, test new ideas and challenge the status quo. If you want to create a culture where the passion for innovation is bigger than any fear of making mistakes, then do not buy into these commonly held myths.

Myth #1

people are your most valuable assets

Ideas are your most valuable asset. Innovation requires fully engaged people who bring creative ideas to work. As long as people are engaged and empowered to bring ideas to work, then YES people with ideas are your most valuable asset. Although, if engagement is suffering and people are checked-out (just going through the motions) and not bringing innovative ideas to work, are they really your most valuable asset?

myth #2

creativity is for right-brain thinkers

All people whether they are left or right brain thinkers are capable of creativity and problem-solving. Competitiveness requires multiple perspectives, ideas and insights. Innovation through collaboration is enriched by different approaches to processing and solving today’s business challenges.

myth #3

multitasking is my gift

Most women think they are gifted at multitasking, BUT neither men nor women function effectively when they multitask. Research indicates that multitasking lowers your IQ by 10 points (that’s like missing a full night’s sleep). Multitasking actually distracts you from your ability to be creative.

myth #4

nervous energy is healthy

Nervous energy is never healthy. Nervousness inhibits clarity and is a form of stress. Stress causes us to produce hormones that increase aging and belly fat! Don’t let yourself get nervous, it’s not healthy, it isn’t good for your heart, your head or your waistline.

myth #5

My most productive is after hours

If productive is getting simple tasks done after hours when things are quiet, maybe. But if after hours means at the end of a long day then, wrong. Chances are you will be tired and when we are tired we make mistakes. For productivity and creativity to flourish, think sprint, not marathon. When solving a challenging problem, give yourself 15-minutes on and 15-minutes off until you gain some breakthrough ideas.

Taking the time to re-skill and recharge will allow you to proceed with intention and purpose.