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A Conversation with Jackie

why book a professional speaker…

what’s in it for you?

A Conversation with Jackie

Is there a timely topic?
Doubling down on leadership and people skills for anyone leading, managing, and supervising people is both timely and timeless.

There is a time-tested formula for ongoing success, it’s helping people become more courageous and curious.

Why? Courage and curiosity are superpowers. The most practical and impactful description of courageous leadership is being tough on standards AND tender with people. Courage empowers and enables people to draw the best out of themselves and others. And being curious to the core is one of the best skills for awakening new ideas, insights, and impactful contribution.

What do people take away from your presentations?
You’ll rethink how you show up and impact others. You’ll realize leadership is a choice. It is not a title, it’s not a position and it’s not a chip you insert or the DNA you’re born with. You are called upon countless times in a day to choose leadership. And you’ll gain countless strategies for building a standout leadership brand that advances you and the team around you.

What is the feeling you would like people to take away?
You’ll FEEL confident, motivated and willing to change. Brand building is a journey, it’s about making intentional and purposeful choices each day about how to focus your time, energy and attention to have greater impact. And most importantly, You’ll feel compelled to make those changes to improve yourself and advance others.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?
Time on the phone with the client, pouring over everything they share and what we find online. Our end goal is to use the client’s language and fuel their ability to achieve goals, objectives and business strategies through new insights, best practices and stories we share.

What do you gain personally from being a professional speaker?
Learning about different industries is enlightening and being exposed to a diversity of leaders and life-long learners is contagious and enriching. Our clients and audiences make us smarter and more discerning and diversified.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?
I would never claim to be a comedian. However, an appropriate and timely use of humor is bonding. Humor is contagious, leveling, and critical to creating chemistry with an audience. We use “appropriate” humor to accomplish all of the above.

Does culture impact meetings?
Culture determines everything! All of our books speak to the POWER of workplace culture. Culture is the spirit, the heart, the minds, and the motives of people played out in 1000′s of interactions each and every day. Culture will compel you to WANT to attend or force you to HAVE to attend. Meetings with the best ROI are attended by people who are excited to attend… people who WANT to stretch, grow and network.

How are your keynote presentations unique?
Clients want customized messages. Messages specifically designed to achieve your desired outcomes. We design the message with and for each client. We blend what we learn from you with 30 years in the business. As bestselling authors our stories and strategies are so deeply rooted in us that they leak out. Our keynotes are loaded with stories. And since recall on stories is over 300%, you’ll walk away and share what you’ve heard, that’s how change happens.

Do you have any unique memorable moments in your speaking career?
Yes, my flights was delayed, a helicopter picked me up and flew me from the airport across town to the event location I was mic’d in the parking lot, rushed on stage and my presentation was telecast to various remote locations around the world…..a ONCE in a lifetime experience to share with the world!

Top 3 tips for leadership success?
Know, Grow and Draw! 1. Know yourself (be courageous, dare to lift off your blinders). 2. Grow yourself (be curious constantly stretch, grow and develop you) and 3. Draw others UP (be a coach, develop the talents in others).

How important is chemistry for a client?
Chemistry is EVERYTHING. We welcome exploratory calls to gage chemistry and discuss meeting themes and desired outcomes. As noted, we design each message WITH and FOR each client and that requires more than a questionnaire. It requires time on the phone with meeting leaders, hosts and insightful attendees.

Explore more on your own or reach out to to schedule an exploratory call.

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