Upgrade your virtual brand

10 DOs & DON’Ts

Jackie & Kevin Freiberg

“although you may think virtual is becoming second nature, do not become complacent.”

Now is the perfect time to upgrade or refresh your virtual presence as remote connections and online meetings continue.

Although the pandemic continues to impact our freedom and comfort for connecting in person, with more and more of us now vaccinated, at long last, in person meetings and events are beginning to happen again.

Yet, if there is anything this year of remote work and distanced learning and life has taught us, it’s how to connect on line.

Although the data is pretty clear, even when restrictions are completely lifted, people will still opt for a more balanced work & life dynamic. We’ve learned that connections can be maximized and travel can be minimized without compromising performance.

So even though you may be experiencing ZOOM fatigue and may be tempted to cancel online connections, please don’t!

Capitalizing on virtual platforms for connection and team collaboration is NOT going away.

We’re here to help. Since March of 2020 we’ve guided countless teams through online meetings and each time we’re reminded, the experiences are different yet, when done well, they can be “priceless.”

And although you may think virtual is becoming second nature do not become complacent.

Now is a perfect time to upgrade or a refresh your virtual presence as remote connections and meetings continue.

Here are 10 DOs and DON’Ts to use as a check list for upgrading your virtual presence and online experience.

1. Don’t Cancel or postpone a meeting, class or get-together.


Go virtual, bringing leaders, teams, students and friends together virtually is critical for staying focused and productive, for navigating important business decisions and for staying safe, yet connected and engaged.

2. DON’T turn off your camera…


Keep your camera on, as long as your environment and technology are conducive to being live even though remote.

Show interest and stay present, seeing each other’s faces and body language will enhance group chemistry, engagement, connection and effectiveness.

3. DON’T forget about your background…


Pay attention to you background. Please don’t show us your unkempt bed, messy home or too much on the personal side.

Instead, be intentional about what is in your background. Less is more, opt for something professional and neutral. For most of our virtual keynotes and team huddles we opt for a library of books behind us.

4. DON’T overdo it on the crazy virtual backdrops…

The halo effect can be unnerving to others if you move a lot. And don’t think you have to go green screen, double monitors and professional quality mics.


Invest in good lighting. O rings are very popular and magical for enhancing your online presence.

A mini-computer light and O ring can be purchased for as little as $5 and you can go larger for as much as $150 with very reasonable options in-between.

5. Don’t ignore the reflection in your glasses!


Be sure to arrange your lighting so there is NOT an obvious and distracting reflection in your lenses.

6. DON’T avoid tools built into the virtual platform just because it’s one more thing to navigate.


Use the chat box, polls, quizzes and emojis as tools to achieve your meeting goals and to enhance connection, participation and efficiency.

Always be sure to add the breakout goal and timing in the chat function for “everyone” to see and give people a 5 min warning before wrapping it up and coming back together.

7. Don’t avoid breakouts for fear of losing people.


Use breakouts, they are a great way to facilitate collective conversation and when you do, give people a clear explanation of the time frame, goal to accomplish or the topic to discuss. And….

8. DON’T use too many slides.

And do not fill slides with too much text or detail. Try to avoid animation when doing virtual meetings and presentations, the animation will present as delayed to your viewers.


Use slides minimally to enhance engagement and help people focus. Share bullet points as a way to summarize, preview or offer emphasis. Slides should be used to  complement your message. Slides should NOT deliver your message. You are the messenger not your slide deck. With slides, always remember, less is more.

9. Don’t accept the idea that you cannot engage in eye contact and virtually press the flesh.


Scroll through the gallery of participants and connect personally through shout outs, noting names, leaning in and looking into the eyes of attendees. Intentionally focus on who you’re addressing. Even virtually work on “seeing” people, remember the eyes are the window to the soul.

10. DON’T fire hose meeting guests with long periods of one way messaging and content delivery.


Shake up the meeting delivery through short keynotes, breakouts, interviews and Q&A.