10 Tips on Becoming an Innovator

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Ten Tried and Tested Tips on Becoming an Innovator…

  • Stretch, grow and learn something new every day!
  • Read biographies and get inspired by successful people and cool companies.
  • Challenge your team to look for ways to save a $1/day and boldly share your strategies.
  • Cleanse, organize and prioritize—no more procrastinating (innovation is stalled by clutter).
  • Focus on what you can control… Don’t let what you can not control take up too much of your today!
  • Allocate an hour a day on making progress on your “want to” projects (if you can’t make progress – delegate).
  • Come up with ways to add value each day (protect yourself from this question; “Why shouldn’t we outsource you?”).
  • Avoid negative, stagnant, stuck people and surround yourself with people who are moving, networking, and making a difference. (Both are contagious!)
  • Get grounded—Recharge your faith, therein lies HOPE, direction, and a more focused perspective.