Cracking the Code

Here are some of the topics we can unpack in


1. Culture

The DNA of a Championship Culture

Learn how the San Francisco Giants went from the brink of disaster to a $2b enterprise and one of the most successful sports franchises in the world.

2. Character

Talent: Targeting the Right Stuff

The Giants are more concerned about fit than flash.

Find out what character strengths they look for in a player who contributes to team chemistry.

3. Leadership

Drawing the Best Out of Players

Players are people first; not toys or robots.

Discover how Bruce Bochy creates the conditions for ultimate success.

4. Spirit

Choosing Service Over Self-interest

Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships.

Learn how unselfishness creates agility and the flexibility to adapt to things a team can’t control.

5. Resilience

A Never-Say-Die Mentality

Where does GRIT come from?

How do you engender composure, hope and resolve—the very things that build invincible players and a resilient organization?

6. perspective

Stay Hungry, Humble and Focused

When everyone and everything around you is constantly getting better, you have to stay hungry.

Here you will find out what it means to be coachable, to not let success become the enemy and to maintain a maniacal focus.

7. Swagger

Be Disciplined and Accountable

See how relentless preparation, playing full throttle, thinking ahead, and being decisive contribute to out-thinking your competition—and winning.

8. Heart

Hospitality and Trust = Chemistry

Players who feel welcomed, who know they belong and who can be themselves perform at a higher level.

Leaders who are kind yet candid and clear breed trust. Together, these elements inspire heart and the will to win.

Video Clips

confident humility

Can Confidence and Humility Get Along?

Players who make a culture special carry themselves with confident humility. What does the fusion of these two seemingly paradoxical virtues look like?

Get Out of the Comfort Zone

What Happens When You Put a Cy Young Pitcher in the Bullpen?

People who are willing to get out of the comfort zone and take risks make an organization creative, flexible, fast…and dangerous.

Be a Connoisseur of Talent

Garth Brooks?  Playing Ball at Spring Training?  What happened?

We know wine and food connoisseurs? Team chemistry starts with a coach, or an artist who believes he or she is a connoiseur of great talent.

A lesson from Everest

The One Gift Every Player Gives a Team.

Every great teammate does this one thing. Boch explains what it is and why it’s so important.