The Story Behind the Story

never done learning

A friend for 20+ years, our relationship with Bruce and his wife Kim, started when Bruce was coming back into MLB for the second time, as manager of the San Diego Padres.

Boch doesn’t like to do anything half-assed.

He didn’t want to just win on the field, he wanted to be a great ambassador for the club and build a great relationship with the media and the community.

So, with a desire to become more well-rounded, he connected with us to up his game.

a friendship takes shape

When we met Bruce in 1995 we were just finishing our book NUTS about how Herb Kelleher and his own band of misfits turned Southwest Airlines into the greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation.

It occured to us, even back then, that Bruce was special. He shares many of the leadership attributes of the best CEOs we’ve worked with and written about.

On top of this, he shared our passion for outdoor adventures and great wine and bourbon.

We’ve been friends ever since.

a 20+-year conversation

We have worked with Bruce as a sounding board to give him a different, “outside baseball” perspective. Our dialogue has always focused on:

  • inspiring his players,
  • building team chemistry,
  • finding ways out of a funk, and
  • taking the high road when handling tough questions from the media.

Bochy Ball, and now CHAMPIONS TOGETHER blends two perspectives. One is from two author/entrepreneurs who travel the globe working with and learning from legendary leaders.

The other is from a leader who has slowly and quietly built a legendary career.

authorized? Yes but...

Bochy Ball is more than an authorized account of a storied franchise and one of the most successful managers in the game–ever. It reads like a dialogue between friends and colleagues—because that’s what it is.

We bring the same personal touch to CHAMPIONS TOGETHER! 

tribute to a friend

At an event in Reno, in front of 800 people, Bruce and Kevin got to honor the person, Felix Oroz, who brought them together almost 25 years ago.