3 Simple Words

Can Change the Entire Trajectory of Your Relationship

(P.S. They’re not “I love you.”)

We’re not here to talk about “I love you.” Powerful words with dramatic impact to be sure. But not the focus of this piece. There are three other words that can change the life of your relationship:


Intimacy requires…

vulnerability, putting yourself out there. That takes courage because vulnerability is scary. When you truly open yourself up to someone you are exposed, even after years and years in a relationship. “I got you” are words of confidence, composure, and validation. They are words of assurance and assurance is the essential glue of every healthy relationship.


Three simple words that pack a punch because they are packed with so much meaning:

I will watch out for you. Your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing is my concern. In fact, it is my top priority. I am committed to your safety. I have your blind side. I got you.

I am in it with you. It may be your deal, your opportunity, your burden, but we are in it together, you don’t have to go through it alone. I am in the trench with you and you can count on me for whatever support you want or need. I got you.

I understand you. There is a way of knowing that comes from paying attention to boundaries, nuances, and the little things that matter to you. I will keep looking, listening and discovering you so that there is an “I know you” behind the “I got you.”

I will be your advocate. The very best that is in me will do whatever it takes to draw out the very best that is in you–regardless of circumstances. I will encourage your dreams and desires. I will help facilitate whatever it is you are attempting to achieve. I am your number one supporter. I got you.


Three words that cause your spirit to rise with a mighty strength:

I will include you. I will make you feel important with family and friends and other important people in my life. I am proud of you. I got you.

I will defend you. In the face of cynics and critics, in the wake of betrayal, when you wrestle with the demons of doubt, and when the detractors are trying to derail you, I will stand up for you, speak up for you, and look out for your interests. I got you.

I will reassure you. When you feel insecure I will remind you of who and Whose you are. When you can’t see beyond your fear I will show you what’s on the other side. When you lose your way I will show you where home is. And, when you don’t feel like you have what it takes, I will remind you that you are enough. I got you.

I will be here for you. When you lose sight of what connected us, of what the future holds, I will be here. When you need to speak your mind and call me out, I will be here. When you are hard to handle, I will be here. We may fight and disagree but above and beyond our disagreements, I will be here. I got you.

I still want you. Consider all the meanings of “I got you” listed above and it boils down to: I still find your attractive. I still choose you. I haven’t finished falling in love with you.


When you hear these words from someone you love it makes you stronger, doesn’t it? How often has your partner heard these words from you? How often have you needed to hear them?

“I got you” speaks to unity. It says, “We can face anything because we are in this together.”

Think about the impact of these simple words. They produce the kind of feelings that are foundational to every great relationship: Safety. Trust. Security. Assurance. Peace. Joy. Freedom. Loyalty. Respect.


Three powerful words. But if you use them, make sure you have the action to back them up.

“I love you” is the truth about how you feel toward your partner. “I got you” is the way you show it.

In the end, we can confidently say, “I got you….and we’ve got this…because God’s got us.”

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