How to Go From Average to Great

8 Keys to Success

Richard St. John

“You’ve got to serve others something of value.”

Are you re-skilling in the midst of this uncertainty? You should be. Take this opportunity to demonstrate your value. This is the time to find new and different ways to add to the bottom line and pivot within your role to assist the business where necessary.

In this short TedTalk, Richard St. John distills 7 years and 500 interviews into 8 keys of success. Originally designed in 2005 as a lengthy presentation for high school students, St. John condensed it down to a mere 3 minutes that are relevant today to help us rise out of this crisis.

What can you borrow from this message to re-skill, re-focus or pivot in the work you do?

Here are St. John’s “8 Keys.” Enjoy!

  1. Passion… Love what you do!
  2. Work hard (and have fun)… Be a Work-a-frolic!
  3. Get damn good… Practice, practice practice!
  4. Focus… Align everything toward your goal.
  5. Push… Physically and mentally push through self-doubt and criticism.
  6. Serve… Something of importance and value.
  7. Ideas… Listen, observe, be curious, ask, experiment and network.
  8. Persist through CRAP… Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure.

What can you do?

Own, personalize and incorporate all 8 habits into your daily routine.