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Does this sound familiar?

  • We don’t talk like we used to,
  • Our conversations are always about the kids,
  • We still love each other but our intimacy seems to be drifting,
  • It’s like we’re roommates or business partners just living together.

Do you want more than complacency and convenience? What if you could rekindle the initial commitment and desire for intimacy that brought you together–or grow beyond it?

You don’t have to settle for just okay.

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Falling in love is a gift, but most happy couples will tell you that staying in love over the long haul takes work. It requires resolve.

Take it seriously and at least three things will happen:

  • You will find deeper connection,
  • You will build meaning and significance together
  • You will find joy, regardless of the circumstances

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written by Bestselling Authors Kevin & Jackie Freiberg