Do You Know What Your Employees REALLY Want?

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Top 10 Employee Gifts

  1. Autonomy & Independence Whenever possible, give your employees some freedom to work independently. The result? Engaged and satisfied employees.
  2. Clear Expectations Few things are more stressful than not knowing what to expect from one day to the next. Communicate changes before implementation, explain why the change was made and if possible, what to expect in the future.
  3. Meaningful Objectives Targets can create a sense of purpose and add meaning to tasks. Without a meaningful goal to shoot for, work is just work.
  4. True Sense of Purpose Your people want to feel a part of something bigger. Let your employees know what you want to achieve for your business, customers and community. Connect people to a CAUSE, purpose, mission or a calling that matters.
  5. Opportunities for Input Engaged employees have ideas. Great bosses make it easy for employees to offer suggestions and provide the space for them to do so.
  6. Real Sense of Connection Employees want to feel connected to the people they work with. A kind word and a personal inquiry show you’re interested in the person, not just the worker.
  7. Reliable Consistency Employees tend not to mind a strict boss, as long as the treatment is fair, consistent and well communicated. Let your employees know why a decision was made and get their buy-in.
  8. Private Criticism Great bosses criticize (or coach) in private. Explain why the critique was necessary so they understand the bigger picture.
  9. Public Praise A few words of public recognition just might be the nudge an average performer might need to start becoming a great performer.
  10. Chance for a Meaningful Future Every job should have the potential to lead to greater advancement. Exceptional bosses ask their employees what their career goals are. Care about your employees and they’ll care about your business.
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