Do You Have a Spirit of Service?

Small Ways to Make a Big Difference


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In the last 48 hours have you…

  • Said THANK YOU? Been polite to someone? Made someone’s day with a small act of kindness?
  • Expressed your gratitude and appreciation for the life you have and the work you do?
  • Had a conversation that dignified and edified the person you were talking to?
  • Shown an interest in the life of a taxi driver, gardener, server, bellman, valet, etc., beyond the service they provided you?
  • Given money, time or resources to a charity that helps people who are less fortunate than you?
  • Affirmed the gifts, talents and strengths of someone else?
  • Made someone laugh or smile?
  • Listened intently to someone talk about something (a problem, frustration, dream, goal, aspiration, etc.) that is very important to him or her?
  • Told someone something they needed to hear because it was absolutely in their best interest?
  • Told someone that you cared about him or her?
  • Let someone else go first (think traffic, grocery, theatre, airport, etc.)?
  • Called someone just to check-in?
  • Fought for an idea, policy or project that would have a positive impact on people’s lives?
  • Publicly praised someone for the good they are doing?
  • Mentored or coached someone who could gain from your wisdom, knowledge and experience?
  • Invited a colleague to breakfast, lunch or dinner who isn’t part of the “in” crowd?
  • Led the parade to celebrate someone’s victory?
  • Written a note to tell someone how much you appreciate him or her?
  • Stood up for someone in a meeting?
  • Reached across a functional boundary to help someone who is struggling or overworked?
  • Taken the initiative to make someone’s job easier by improving a system or removing a roadblock?
  • Gone out of your way to ensure that someone had the information necessary to excel at their job?
  • Made a call to open a door for someone in need?
  • Used your name to add credibility to the work of someone just getting started?
  • Met with someone who works for you and asked: As a leader, how am I doing? What can I do to better serve you and set you up for success?
  • Walked the floor to find out how people are doing?

See an example of blowing the door off service-as-usual

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