Dangerous Times

Call for Brave, Bold Leadership

We are living and working in dangerous and challenging times. Such times call for new approaches to leadership and power. We need to redefine and rethink the old school, patriarchal approaches to power and leadership. A better future requires more collaborative perspectives on what it means to live more fully, lead more courageously and to grow more worthy legacies.

Jackie recently met Pat Mitchell, a dangerous woman. Pat is a pioneering journalist and executive and is the former President of both CNN and PBS, as well as an Emmy-winning producer. She currently serves as the editorial director of TEDWOMEN and throughout her career, has been a trusted voice focused on sharing women’s stories. Pat spoke as part of the Sundance Mountain Resort’s Author Series about her new book, Becoming a Dangerous Woman – a book we highly recommend.

Pat calls women, and all men who stand with and for them, to bravely, boldly and collectively embrace their power to make the world a better place. We can do this, not by using power over anyone else, but by sharing power with others and giving our power to worthy causes and noble callings.

We suggest creating “We for We” cultures in our companies and communities. Not women for women or men for men, but people for people, rising and leading together toward the next stage of good. Our future will be improved by those of us who courageously lead together and create more collaborative paradigms for change and transformation.

Let’s lead together. Let’s not subordinate, let’s strengthen. Let’s not compete, let’s collaborate. Let’s not compare, it’s far more beneficial to complement each other. It is time to put down our armor and stop leading from hurt. A better, bolder future is calling us to lead with our minds and our hearts!