Delighting in her.

Affirming he has what it takes.

More adventure together.

Wouldn’t that be worth fighting for?

Revitialized Couples:

a 2.5-day retreat designed to transform routine and neglect into passion and vitality

4 minutes a day.

That’s the average time couples spend talking about issues other than kids and schedules. Sucked into routine, we wake up one day, longing for more, and ask, How’d we get this way?

Or, we concede the deep-seated longings for love and life that originally brought us together and become resigned to: this is the way it is.

Neglect has a cost.

It slowly erodes the things that build deep, meaningful connection.

Does this sound familiar?

  • We don’t talk like we used to,
  • Our conversations are always about the kids,
  • We still love each other but our intimacy seems to be drifting,
  • It’s like we’re roommates or business partners just living together.

Do you want more than complacency and convenience? What if you could rekindle the initial commitment and desire for intimacy that brought you together–or grow beyond it?

You don’t have to settle for just okay.

getting dialed in

A woman longs to be fought for; loved enough to be courageously protected and encouraged to live into the incredible strength and fierceness God has planted in her.

The deepest question in a man’s heart is, Am I needed? Do I have what it takes to love, to risk and sacrifice, to fight evil and do good?” No one cultivates this kind of passion, adventure and bravery more than the woman he loves.

Deep connection requires a deep commitment to be “dialed in” from both sides.

Connected Couples is about going on the offensive and fighting for the relationship you want.”


This 2.5-day retreat offers couples an opportunity to break from the routine, connect at a deeper level and revitalize their relationships by re-establishing the vision. It doesn’t assume that your relationship is broken. It assumes that you want to take it to a higher level.


Building a better relationship requires attention–honestly identifying the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and then, being willing to change. Connected Couples will give you the strategies to step into this great adventure.

an epic story

More than just strategies, this seminar facilitates a dialogue between you and your spouse/partner designed to help you create a relationship that is more intimate, vibrant and alive.

and it happens in a

gorgeous, romantic setting

that calls you to explore and reach for more