Are You Spreading Courage?

Lessons from Major Attitude in the Minor Leagues

Jesse Cole, co-owner of the Savannah Bananas

“More than anything, we became a part of the community. We made a difference. And that’s what makes us proud.”

In anticipation of Major league baseball beginning July 23rd, we’re bringing you a minor league, major attitude feel-good story! Meet Jesse and Emily Cole of Savannah Georgia, co-owners of a crazy cool minor league summer team, the Savannah Bananas. Comprised of college players from all over the map, their season opener was July 1 and they played like they always do – delivering passion and feel good to every fan who shows up.

The Savannah Banannas have defied all odds. Jessie and Emily created a hometown presence and following in a community of downright skeptics. If you can’t make it to a game, they’ve launched an experience that allows you to watch baseball on-line – without commercials. They connect their fans to the players in fun and engaging ways. You can watch live-stream, in the locker room and on the mound via body cameras, all complemented by half-time dancing grandmas. We’re not kidding – Banana Nanas are a thing!

The Cole’s story of bringing the Bananas to Savannah is a gutsy, entrepreneurial, epic tale that combines their love of baseball and entertainment with a community cause, resulting in three-years of sold-out games, die-hard fans and skeptics turned believers. If you want to see what courageous leadership, faith and dedication look like, watch this inspirational video. Jessie and Emily went all-in and put Savannah on the map in a very WORTHY way.

What can you do?

Despite financial setbacks, a less than welcoming communicty and a very young staff, the Coles delivered a winning experience, created sold-out seasons and earned a fiercely loyal following.

Think big and stick to your passion and reimagine your next professional adventure:

  • Think outside the box, and outside your industry. What great success can you build upon or borrow from?
  • Be steadfast and courageous in your goals and stay focused despite the nay-sayers.
  • Rethink and reimagine your audience, customers and community.
  • Include your audience, customers and community in your work to create a more engaging experience.
  • Find the CAUSE in your work and allow it to fuel your progress.
  • Connect and commit to making your community part of your work.
  • Have FUN.