Are You Conforming to Toxic Stereotypes?

How to Be Brave and Say NO!


“The world of humanity is possessed of two wings: the male and the female. So long as these two wings are not equivalent in strength, the bird will not fly.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8), thank you to the gentlemen who exude gavitas and say NO to tired and toxic stereotypes. They deserve to be supported and celebrated.

In this fun and vulnerable TED Talk, Justin Baldoni engages in a dialgue about redefining masculine and feminine stereotypes. Baldoni challenges men not to just be good guys, but asks ALL of us, women and men, to focus on being good humans. This TED Talk is worth watching and spreading to everyone at work and at home.

Cheers to all the women and men becoming GOOD humans and creating more We4We ways to live and work together!

What can you do?

      • Are you brave enough to be vulnerable?
      • Are you strong enough to be sensitive?
      • Are you confident enough to shut up and listen?