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Our Start

Our Mentors

In 1986, the founders of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher and Colleen Barrett, opened their doors to us as graduate students. We were attracted to Southwest because it was such an iconic example of what we want to help people like you achieve: a disciplined company that embraces love, fun, positively outrageous service and is wildly successful.

It was the beginning of a 30-year friendship and culminated in two doctoral dissertations which were the precursors to our first book, an international bestseller entitled, NUTS!

Our door-opener

Our door-opener

NUTS!, in turn, opened the door for us to work with, write and speak about some of the most admired leaders in the world–leaders who dare to question the impossible, genuinely care about people and challenge everyone to solve problems that matter.

These conncetions have expanded our repitore of strategies and enable us to respond to a wide array of challenges companies like yours share with us.

Our Thing

Our Thing

We equip people to do brave work–that changes the world. And live big lives–that matter. Our thing is teaching leaders how to drop their armor and be more daring, how to create courageous cultures, and seize new growth opportunities through the lens of leadership, innovation and change.

We welcome an opportunity to blend our thing with your thing.

Our Journey

Our Journey

We have a restless curiosity about what it means to be fully human, do epic work and live epic lives.

This has taken us on a 30-plus-year journey (still very much in process by the way) toward freedom and aliveness. While we are allergic to religion, legalism and dogma, we have been awakened to the dynamic, compelling, vibrant, and intoxicating love of the Trinity. The imprint and impact of this relationship influences everything we do.

Our Family

Our Family

We are grateful parents of three cause-driven kids and business partners who have been married for 31 years. Fitness is our life style and faith is our fuel.

Our lives and our family are anything but perfect, but the ride has been epic. We’d like to help make yours epic too.

Our Future

Our Future

Thirty years ago we learned you can not rest on yesterday’s headlines. For us, Ph.Ds were a beginning, not an end. And, riding the wave of an international bestselling book was a temporary pleasure. After three decades of writing and speaking, we have no interest in retiring.

We’d just like to keep growing and make a bigger contribution helping people like you do epic work and live epic lives.

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